The Absolute Pig


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All maps have healing properties, according to the High Pharma-Cartographical Universal (in the cosmic sense) Authority, most of them being able to cure the cosmic angst of the astronauts. However, this particular map, the Healing Map of Circus 3000, is not on any official list of any official authority. Its mysterious lines were found by the Absolute Pig on the frontiers of the cosmic eggs’ cluster and now it will be returned to its rightful owner, Circus Dreitausend, hoping it will cure all its slaughterhouse nightmares. Hurray!

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Ana Kun is invited by Circus Dreitausend to make an intervention on the group’s studio, situated in a former slaughterhouse in Karlsruhe, during which she treats narrative text as image. For this project, the artist created a mythology around the central character of the Absolute Pig in two artist books and a map (available on site). During a five day period, the artist will be applying drawings and collage on the front of the studio, referencing the fictitious map of Circus 3000, the personal mythology of the group and of the Absolute Pig, in a treatment-like intervention.

personal quote from the Absolute Pig:

I’m always doing the best that I can. I simply love everyone, I cannot help it.

An online translation of the first story of the Absolute Pig, the one about her infectious beings, the empty paradise, and the Romanian Revolution can be found here. The second story is called The Absolute Pig and the Healing Map of Circus 3000, and both were published in a small signed and numbered series of 200, available on site or demand. The actual Healing Map is printed in an edition of 1000 and is available with the second story. A number of 50 hand drawn posters are also available.

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